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Direct Mail

At LSC Mail Marketing, we can update and maintain your list using the most advanced database technology and services available. We have a large variety of software and hardware available to take care of almost any mailing need. 

Working from your source materials, we will perform accurate, flexible, and timely data entry.


Upper/lower casing and proper punctuation of data using existing data
Genderize name field to create "Mr." or "Ms." title prefixes for personalized messages
Build salutations, either formal ("Dear Mr. Smith"), or informal ("Dear Joe")
Merge/purge to eliminate duplications from single or multiple lists
Data clean-up to delete "garbage" information and incorrect data in designated fields
Set up special key coding for segment tests and tracking


USPS CASS certified software checks your file and performs the following:

(1) Zip code correction (2) Address Standardization (3) Zip plus four and delivery point barcode appending (4) Carrier route and Line of Travel code appending

National Change of Address (NCOA) Services pass your file against a USPS database of all residential and business moves over the last three years & updates your file

USPS "Planet Code" service which barcodes outgoing mail pieces and allows internet tracking of USPS delivery through key system locations across the country

USPS PAVE certified software guarantees your mailing is sorted for the absolute lowest postage rates and meets all USPS preparation requirements for smooth entry and fast delivery through the postal service system


Special file manipulation, calculations, form set-up, and unique output
Forms built with unique data elements including database variables, images, signatures, and calculation capability
Internet based access of unique reports and special output available


Personalized letters, envelopes, special forms, and reports at 600 DPI quality
Invoice & Statement generation; Tax form 1098 & 1099 preparation & output
Scanning, digitization, and printing of signatures and special graphics
High-speed mail merges with simple or complicated in-letter variables
Postnet bar coding of address information for postage savings
Personalized booklet and bindery capability including stapling and 3-hole punch
Certified Mail Form preparation and printing 

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